ALERT: Porthos Introduces New Wine Travel Service + Special Offer = Andrew Harper Hideaway Report Membership

Andrew HarperIn response to many, many request from our beloved clients for an expanded Wine Concierge service for Vacations, we have big news: TAKE PORTHOS (Wine!) on your next Vacation:

We know what you drink on vacation should get at least as much attention as your tee time or dinner reservation or theater tickets; and hopefully your hotel's concierge service has arranged those expertly for your next Summer Holiday. Now, Friends of Porthos can enlist our Wine Concierge service to ensure that you have appropriately sensational bottles of wine in your room to pour after golf, or with Happy Hour before dinner. We've heard countless stories about your traveling all day to settle into the perfect room with the perfect view only to suffer through a lackluster glass of wine you wouldn't serve your nosy neighbors. We know many of the finest resort destinations are in remote locations where the nearest wine shop may more than just around the corner and the selection limited to box wine specials. Contact us prior to your next vacation anywhere in America (includes Hawaii!) and we'll guarantee that you'll have several bottles (or cases) of our finest selections waiting for you when you arrive.

At porthos, we believe that wine and travel go hand-in-hand. In that spirit we have partnered with Andrew Harper to expose our clients to what we believe is the best kept secret in luxury travel. Andrew Harper has been scouring the globe for nearly three decades to bring sophisticated travelers the authentic travel insights and services they can trust (see below for a list of member benefits). As a Porthos client, we invite you to become a member of the Andrew Harper family of discerning travelers and, for a limited time, you will receive a $100 PORTHOS VOUCHER when you join. We encourage you to use your voucher and allow Porthos to provide the wine for your next vacation. It will be waiting for you when you arrive! To receive your voucher, use invitation code PORTHOS when you join at

To Join, visit ~ or call Boutique Reservation Service (800) 375-4685.

Andrew Harper | A Wealth of Luxury Travel Resources

The Hideaway Report
Unbiased editorial reviews of first-class hotel properties and
travel experiences worldwide.
The Harper Collection
The luxury traveler’s “black book,” this leather-bound guide offers a
compilation of over 600 of the finest hotels and hideaways worldwide.
Andrew Harper Travel
Our in-house boutique travel service delivers personalized
travel planning with an insider’s perspective.
Andrew Harper Signature Tours
These one-of-a-kind cultural and adventure travel opportunities offer
unprecedented insight to places rarely seen by foreigners.
The Harper Alliance (Q club)
Our affiliations offer exclusive access to and special members-only
privileges for select properties around the world.
The Harper Marketplace
Our online luxury travel eAuction site gives members the opportunity
to bid for stays at resort destination hotels at impressive savings.