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Wine Storage

Porthos offers complimentary seasonal storage for up to 120 days to our top collectors so that they may purchase their favorite new releases year-round without any risk of shipping damage due to severe weather in the Summer or Winter. Collectors may reserve their wine favorites anytime and then we'll store the wine in our secure, temperature-controlled private storage area. Note: minimum purchase requirements apply to qualify. For details about our seasonal storage program please email us at info@porthos.com or call our toll free number: 1.866 PORTHOS.

At Porthos, our primary goal is to get the finest wines from around the world into your glass for maximum enjoyment. Temporary and long term storage is a benefit offered to top collectors but not a business focus or source of profits for Porthos. Hence, Porthos would always prefer to ship any wines to you or a local storage facility for your convenience.

Once a Customer has purchased wine a sales order will be created. Once the wine is packed and billed to the Customer those bottles become the legal property of the Customer whether they are shipped directly or placed in temporary or long term storage at Porthos. Per company policy, Porthos will not accept “returns” for unshipped wines nor will Porthos refund the value of unshipped wines if a Customer later changes their mind. 

Payment and Shipping Terms

Prior to the expiration of the initial 120 day period, Customer wines, the wine must be picked up or shipped to the Customer. Given limited space for our temperature-controlled, secured storage areas, Porthos cannot offer complimentary temporary storage beyond 120 days. If a Customer’s wine is not shipped or picked up prior to the expiration of the 120 complimentary storage period, Customer wines will be moved to Porthos long term storage area. To cover basic facility costs (e.g. electricity, rent, etc.) and insurance, a flat fee of $7 fee per case per month will be charged to the client’s credit card on file. ‘Case’ will be determined based upon purchases but may include any quantity (1 – 12) of bottles per client order.

Shipping is available any weekday with 24 hour notice. Porthos will facilitate shipment of any cases but partial (i.e. broken box) shipments from pre-packed orders are not an option.

Pick up services are available Monday thru Friday with 48 hours’ notice. Pick up is allowed for full orders only, no partials.

Release of Porthos’ Liability

Porthos assumes no liability for any loss, damage or deterioration of wines stored and Customer assumes all risk of loss or damage, including spoilage, cork breakage, change of taste, theft or otherwise from any and all causes, including damage due to Porthos’ handling of Customer’s wine unless caused by Porthos’ intentional misconduct. 

While the wine storage area is temperature and humidity controlled, Porthos does not guarantee or warrant that it is suitable for Customer’s wine and Porthos expressly disclaims any implied warranties of suitability or fitness for a particular purpose. 

Porthos will make reasonable efforts to maintain the cooling equipment in good working order but does not guarantee or warrant that fluctuations in the humidity or the temperature in the storage area will not affect the quality or taste of Customer’s wine.

For long term storage Customers, Porthos strongly recommends that Customer includes the value of their wine in their homeowners policy to cover any loss or damage to their stored wine. 

In the event of damage due to fire, Porthos does carry fire insurance and will refund the client for the value of the original purchase of their wines. However due to the rarity of wines featured (i.e., sell out quickly and not available for replacement), Porthos will not be able to guarantee replacement of the exact same bottles/vintages lost.

Porthos will be held harmless in the event of any Act of God, including any natural disaster.

Overdue Payments and Liens

An account must be paid in full and current before Porthos will release any purchased wine for pickup.

If an account remains overdue for sixty (60) days after Customer has been notified, Porthos has the right to liquidate the customer's wine boxes/contents under California law. If Customer fails to respond to such sixty (60) day notice, Porthos may deem the wine abandoned and sell the wine. The proceeds shall be first applied to any indebtedness owed to Porthos, as well as any costs and expenses incurred with respect to the goods, the sale, and any efforts to collect such indebtedness. Any excess shall be remitted to the Customer pursuant to California law.