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Twomey Cellars
twomey_logo.jpg The Twomey story begins with a remarkable vineyard – the Soda Canyon Ranch in southeastern Napa Valley – which the Duncan family acquired in 1999. Planted with the finest French clones in well-drained volcanic soils, the vineyard enabled the Duncans and Winemaker Daniel Baron to fulfill a long-held dream: to produce a Napa Valley Merlot with the depth and concentration that characterize Merlots of true distinction.

Today, Twomey Cellars continues to make wines that reflect the very best of their vineyard and vintage. In 2000, we secured the nine-acre West Pin vineyard in Sonoma’s Russian River Valley, legendary for its extraordinary Pinot Noirs. This provided the perfect opportunity to put our unique mark on this varietal by creating a handcrafted Pinot Noir that’s both delicate and charismatic.

A bottle of great wine lingers in the memory long after the last sip. At Twomey Cellars, we strive to create wine like this by pairing superb fruit with classical winemaking techniques.

Each wine we produce – including our Napa Valley Merlot, our Russian River Pinot Noir and our Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc – originates in a vineyard that provides the optimal growing conditions for that varietal. Meticulous viticulture maximizes the fruit’s potential, yielding small crops of intensely flavored berries.

Skillful handling in the winery enhances the luscious tastes and aromas of our wines. We use time-honored methods to extract the fruit’s full flavor and intensity while preserving its unique character. During aging, a labor-intensive technique known as soutirage traditional, used by leading Bordeaux chateaux, clarifies our red wines to a crystal-clear brilliance while heightening their flavors and bouquet. The result is wine that lingers on the palate – and in the memory – long after the bottle is gone.