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Turnbull Wine Cellars
turnbull_logo.jpg Renowned Bay Area architect William Turnbull founded Johnson Turnbull Wine Vineyards in 1979. Turnbull won several architectural awards for his work on Fisher Winery, Cakebread Cellars and Newton Vineyards. He designed Turnbull Cellars to be low key and in tune with its environment. It's a classic example of a small hands-on Napa Valley operation. "You want to have an image of a winery that cares about the last drop of wine in the bottle." William Turnbull once said. That tradition is carried on today.

In the spring of 1993, Patrick O’Dell purchased the winery and renamed it Turnbull Wine Cellars. At this time the image of the turning bull on the label was redesigned. The newer image is derived from a bull’s figure on a Minoan drinking vessel. The Turnbull family crest continues to be embossed on each label, reflecting our respect for the history of the distinguished family name.