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Tandem Winery
tandem_logo.jpg Our Background shows a long history of working passionately with high-end labels; the team of growers and winefolk first assembled by Greg La Follette has most recently put Flowers on the map.

* UC Davis trained for “speaking the language of the vine and wine”.
* Worked in the industry under masters such as Tchelistcheff and Kongsgaard.
* Brought skills to a fine hone as pioneers in the challenging “true” Sonoma Coast.
* We have now hung our own shingle with growers who have worked with Greg L for years.

Our Vineyard Sources are stable, long-term relationships spanning several labels.

* We work closely with our growers’ vineyard management to cultivate expression of terroir.
* We helped plant several of these vineyards and assisted in ascending their reputation:
o Keefer : Greg L helped plant in mid-nineties while with Hartford Court.
o Van der Kamp : we camped out at their doorstep until they agreed to give us grapes. Have provided them with much of the new bud wood for planting.
o Porter-Bass : have worked with this biodynamic property for over a decade, and mentored son Luke.
o Sangiacomo : our relationship goes back over a dozen years, now working with an exciting new parcel in the Petaluma Gap of the Sonoma Coast, well West of Carneros and in the coolest growing region of Sonoma County.
o Ritchie Vineyard : when we first took grapes into Flowers, they were lost in CA or county programs of indifferent producers. Now it’s a who’s who of exciting labels.

Our Focus is fixed on quality achieved through passion and dedication to our craft.

* Terroir : our single-vineyard designates express the unique voice of each site. Six Pinot noirs and four Chardonnays, each different from the next.
* Mouthfeel : each vineyard designate offers different flavor and aroma profiles, but the thread of continuity is the rich, powerful yet elegant texture in each glass of Tandem. Greg L did his postgraduate work at UCD on “mouthfeel”.
* Deliciousness : our Peloton red wine blend expresses this best. 180 degrees from terroir, this wine is about deliciousness and who wins the “first empty glass” contest.

Our Techniques : are ages-old Burgundian approaches using the best current knowledge combined with our passion for winegrowing.

* Vineyard : “THE PROCESS IS ONE” means we make wine through the vineyard. We employ sustainable agricultural practices through balanced vine management and foster the dialogue between vine and wine, creation and interpretation.
* Winery : we have a holistic approach to winegrowing, the knowledge of which has been gained over many years and uses the following principles:
o Native/feral yeast and malolactic fermentations.
o Passive oxidation of juice reduces bitterness, decreases the use of SO2 and fining, enhances mouth feel and texture and provides a rich, deep color that is stable over time.
o “Pushing the envelope” means we do not practice safe winemaking techniques – we strive for exciting wines that are unfiltered and un-fined. Our wines may form sediment or may not be brilliantly clear, but they are alive and will evolve over time in both glass and bottle.

Our Commitment : Wine IS our life!

* We have now given most of our adult lives to our craft. We have always been about wine – it was never a hobby or a fun investment for dollars earned in other fields. Every nickel we have is devoted to this endeavor. We believe in ourselves as winemen, as growers of the wine.
* We believe in the passion of other wine lovers. Our goal is to bring our vision of terroir to the marketplace, and to folks who get truly excited about what they taste in wine.
* In every bottle, you will taste our passion for and dedication to wine.