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Newton Vineyards
newton_logo.jpg Widely acclaimed as a California wine trailblazer, Newton was one of the first wineries on Spring Mountain, a rugged yet serene appellation located west of St. Helena on the eastern flank of the Mayacamas range which separates Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Newton Vineyard was established in 1977, the vision of founders Dr. Su Hua and Peter Newton, who recognized the potential of Spring Mountain as a prime viticultural region.

The dominant feature of this remarkable site appears at the vineyard’s highest point where a single pine tree crowns the ridge line. This lone pine, over 100 feet tall and visible from many points in Napa Valley, is called Pino Solo. Pino Solo appears as the icon on the label of Newton Vineyard wines, a mark designating singular wines created from>
The founding mission of Newton Vineyard, one carried on to this day, is to make wines of purity fully expressing the unique terroir of the mountain estate for red Bordeaux varietals and cool climate, marine-influenced vineyards for Chardonnay. Respect for nature is reflected in all aspects of Newton Vineyard,from the terraced vineyards and organic winery design to the meticulous winemaking practice. The vineyard blocks are interspersed with forested land to maintain a balance with the natural habitat, and the winery itself was built to blend in with the natural surroundings.

Whenever possible, Newton wines are fermented using indigenous yeast to preserve the natural fruit characteristics achieved in the vineyards. Today,
Newton Vineyard is acclaimed for both its pioneering spirit and for the purity and exceptional quality of its wines as they reflect the region’s terroir.