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Breggo Winery
breggo_logo.jpg Breggo means "sheep" in Boontling, in honor of our place, a 203-acre farm just north of Boonville. Our Craftsman house from the 1920s and random cluster of sideways-tilting outbuildings once served as headquarters to one of the oldest sheep ranches in Anderson Valley. For 150 years, sheep dominated the agricultural landscape of Anderson Valley. Sheep, like the domesticated vinifera grapevine, occupy and even thrive on the geographic periphery - places too steep, with soils too thin and climates too cold for other types of agriculture. Sheep and vines flourish where the domesticated meets the wilderness. The margins. This is our place.

Our farm sits alongside highway 128, in the heart of Anderson Valley. One stop sign and a two-hour drive separates us from the Golden Gate Bridge. Take 101 North for 90 miles, exit at the end of Cloverdale where it says "Boonville," stop at the end of the off-ramp and prepare for the serpentine drive. We call our stretch of highway 128 the "Rugged Wine Country." The color of the sky changes as you pass over Yorkville Highlands and drop into Anderson Valley. Isolated, bucolic, stunningly blue skies. Worth the drive.